About DOC Bucharest.
Desmo Owners Club – DOC Bucharest gathers together the Ducati owners who love this brand, identify with her and with her motorcycles.

Together we want to promote the image of the brand Ducati in Romania, proud as we own a motorbike brand Ducati. Go with the Ducati motorcycles, in shifts, on long routes or just a day in the country and abroad. Some of the members of DOC go on circuit and Ducati is beside them.

Concern us as Club members to improve their knowledge of motorcycle ride and safety motorcycle gear “Safety first!” and do our best for that. Not eventually, we meet at least once a month with the club members to let us ride together and/or to talk about riding your bike and Ducati’s trademark, the passions that unite us.

Rights and obligations of the members of the DOC Bucharest Club.
Each Member shall have the following rights:
• To participate in all the events and activities organized by the club.
• To receive the DOC Kit from the manufacturer Ducati.
• To receive a free tour of the Museum and the factory Ducati of maximum 2 times a year.
Each Member has the following obligations:
• To be the owner of a trademark DUCATI motorcycles.
• Possess a valid driver’s license to drive a own Ducati motorcycle, in compliance with the law.
• Respect the Ducati brand and club members.
• To have a civilized and appropriate behavior in such a way not to harm the Ducati brand.
• To participate in a minimum of 25% of the Club’s activities, provided in the Club’s annual program.
• To carry out Periodical Technical Inspections (ITP) Romanian law in force and to possess Auto Liability Insurance (RCA), mandatory, valid.
• Maintain in good working order and to carry out revisions of the motorcycle which satisfies the specification of service so as not to endanger personal safety, to Club members and the others road users. Check every trail organized, good functionality of the motorcycle (steering, brakes, lights, flares, wheels, oil pressure, etc.).
• To attend Club activities with proper equipment and meteorological condition route. It is mandatory to wear protective helmet approved, over the ankle footwear, gloves. The Club recommends that each member possess at thermal suits, each trail special motorcycle suit with protection, waterproof footwear, rain suit and gloves to avoid discomfort while driving the motorcycle.
• Do not consume alcohol during the activities that involve the riding motorcycle.
• To comply with the decisions of the group which it belongs ride. It must comply with the best practices in the program group for each ride in part. Any deviation from these rules lead to elimination from group member and depending on the seriousness of the offence, will be put in question the suspension and even the removal of a member of the Club.

Under the rules of the Club:
• At the beginning of each season, each Member is obligated morally to verify and refine the skills of driving the motorcycle under different conditions of traffic and weather so the routes organized by the club to not endanger any participant in traffic.
• Membership may be lost due to non club management decisions, the regulation adopted or adopt a behavior that defames conditions brand Ducati, DOC Bucharest club or its members.
• Any statement about the Club’s activities and its DOC can be made only with the agreement of the President or Secretary.